• We are inseparable from Nature

    And as such, our wellbeing is directly tied to the health of the landscape, and all of Life within it. That's why we're here, you and I. We both understand that, and we want the best for our collective health through our landscapes.


    My name is Nathanael. I'm a mountain-born, prairie-raised, coast-weathered soul who's here (wherever I am) to serve the land—and the water and wildlife it supports—as a steward, an ambassador, and a collaborator. I'm inspired by opportunities to connect people to place through accessible and equitable design, planning, and community engagement. I believe that sharing stories and food can bring us together in powerful ways. Welcome to my website.


    As you scroll down, I invite you to get to know me and the work I do. If you have any questions, would like to discuss working together, or maybe just have a nice thing to say, please use the button below or the form at the bottom of this page to leaf your message. I look forward to it!

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  • Skills Gallery

    (Under construction)

    Community Engagement • Placemaking • Graphic Visualization

    Site Analysis & Mapmaking

    GIS data collection, analysis & visualization

    2D Rendering

    Hand-drawn plans, sections, grading; from conceptual to final

    3D & CAD

    Physical & digital modeling for analysis and design

    Photo & Video

    Aerial landscapes & floral macros

    Composition & Layout

    Posters, presentations, zines, memes, and other graphics

    Illustration & Painting

    Flora, fauna, landscapes, cartoon, and iconography

    Carpentry & Crafts

    Upcycled placemaking for the home and garden

    Events & Engagement

    Event design, production management, teaching, public speaking

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